Winkworth Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender 500Lts

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Made by Winkworth Blenders Ltd.

An older model GU22. very nice condition internally polished. A 22 cubic foot unit or 500 Lts working

Last used on a Grass products for animal feeds.

At present it is being refurbished.

A new power unit is being fitted to do away with the old belt and pully arrangement.

4 kw motor through a reduction gearbox giving a shaft speed of approx. 52 rpm.

The unit has got a 100 mm stainless steel slide valve fitted to the discharge port.

We are in the process of re-assembly, it was stripped down to it's individual parts, cleaned , checked for wear, new ptfe packing fitted , all stainless steel polished and a new stainless steel lid to be fitted.

Reference: 1618-BL.