Stainless Steel Horizontal Jacketed Tank

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Made by Fairfield Hyter Ltd of Wigan.

Manufactured in 1996. The unit has a capacity of 1550 Lts.

A horizontal vessel fitted with a steam stainless steel dimple jacket which is rated at 11 bar test and 6.9 bar working.

The vessel is also rated at 1.6 bar test and 1 bar working internally.

The unit is all stainless steel and free standing. The unit has been fitted with a small s/s agitator fitted to one of the top inlet ports.

It has a manway fitted to one of the dished ends which locks with swing bolts. It has a large oblong opening at the opposite end which we think originally held an internal s/s tube bundle . ( not fitted ).

The dimple jacket is covered in insulation and finished with stainless steel cladding.

Reference: 1535-MXV.