A.P.V 1000Lts Hemispherical Stainless Steel Jacketed Pans

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Manufactured by A.P.V. Ltd.

A working capacity of 1000 Lts. The pair of unit are fitted with scrape wall Overmix agitators.

Both fitted with stainless steel steam jackets on the hemisphers rated at 60 psi working and 120 psi test. These have been pressure tested.

Both free standing on four stainless steel tubular legs.

On each of the pans are 100 mm stainless steel manual butterfly valves, and three of top side 32 mm RJT inlets fittings. 

Fitted with full hinged safety grills with safety interlocks.

The drive is a 2.2 kw 1425 rpm motors going through a Radican type gearbox.

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Reference: 1531-32-MXV.