Agitated Vacuum Vessel

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Manufactured by Northland Stainless Inc. of the USA.

Made 1998 of 316 stainless steel.

Rated at 75 psi / Full Vacuum.

Serial Number. 981098.

Approx. 800 mm dia. x 1 Mt on the straight side with dished bottom. Capacity approx. 350 Lts working 400 Lts full. The unit has a 300 mm hinged dome lid which is secured with s/s swing bolts a polished finish internally. Fitted with a Lightnin bottom driven agitator. The over all height of the unit is approx. 1800 mm all stainless steel and mobile. The agitator is powered by 110 Volts.

Last used on Pharmacuetical products.

Reference: 1361-VMV.